Adaptive IP: DDR, SerDes, Crypto

Uniquify offers a complete suite of Adaptive IP that delivers the highest performance, lowest-power and area efficient  in silicon process nodes down to 14nm.

DDR Memory IP
DDR Memory IP Datasheet
DDR Controller
LPDDR3-4/DDR3-4 SuperCombo
SerDes IP
3G-SDI PHY (Hard IP) Rx:4-Channel, up to 2.79Gbps; Tx: 1-Channel
HDMI 2.0 PHY (Hard IP) Rx/Tx: Up to 5.94Gbps; 4K-60fps
Vx1 HS PCS V-by-One High Speed LinkRx & Tx: 4-Channel
Cryptography and Other Memory IP
CRYPTO (Encryption & Decryption) SHA1, SHA2, AES, DES3, RC4, DM5, others
AXI Memory Exerciser DDR Memory System Test Solution
High Performance DMA Controller Configurable, multichannel,Scatter gather, AXI4
I2C to APB Protocol Converter Access APB independent of MPU
JTAG to APB Protocol Converter Access APB independent of MPU

"When Foveon, Inc. searched for a services partner to work on our next-generation Image Sensor solutions, we selected Uniquify because of their proven full-chip tapeout record, experience with special mixed-signal processes and ability to successfully tackle tough design challenges while meeting our aggressive schedule requirements. Uniquify delivered for us. We would use them again for sure."
VP Development, Foveon