Design Specification

Uniquify is founded on the unique notion that chip design starts with an idea.

At Uniquify, we can provide our customer the ability to architect their value added chip without having to worry about writing detailed design specifications.  Thus enabling their “Brain Trust” to focus on “The Idea” and to improve upon it.

Uniquify will work with the chip architect to understand his intentions. We will analyze the results of any architectural simulations that the architect may have done. Additionally, we will work with the customer’s marketing team to understand the market goals of the chip in terms of the cost, features and performance. Uniquify will also work with the customer’s system engineers to determine the interfaces that the chip will have to communicate with.

We will incorporate all of these inputs, and our knowledge of the various foundry processes to develop a chip specification that will meet the customer’s cost, feature and performance  goals.

Uniquify will develop the appropriate chip design specifications which will be used by our designers to design and implement a custom SOC based on our customers cost, feature and performance requirements.


When Foveon, Inc. searched for a services partner to work on our next-generation Image Sensor solutions, we selected Uniquify because of their proven full-chip tapeout record, experience with special mixed-signal processes and ability to successfully tackle tough design challenges while meeting our aggressive schedule requirements. Uniquify delivered for us. We would use them again for sure.
Andrew Cole, VP Sensor Development, Foveon