USD2100 LCD Driver IC

Uniquify’s USD2100 LCD display drivers bring high reliability and low power consumption to a broad range of applications. It requires few external components for operation, operate over a wide temperature range, support a wide range of supply voltages, and integrates the required interfaces.  It can be used in conjunction with our LCD timing controllers (TCon).  For the different packages and delivery forms we support please contact us.

"2Wire, Inc. selected Uniquify to be our implementation partner...Uniquify went the extra-mile for us when we needed them to implement an unanticipated ECO (as part of a full-chip implementation project) in time for a critically important shuttle date. Uniquify's dedicated Management Team committed the necessary resources to deliver on their original tapeout schedule. We look forward to working with Uniquify's talented team to implement our next design."
Scott de Hass, Sr Director of Engineering