UAN100 DSL Booster and Noise Canceller

UAN100 DSL Booster and Noise Canceller

The UAN100 is designed to improve DSL performance through various forms of noise cancellation. The DSL product is placed at the customer site between the DSL customer premises equipment (CPE) and the DSL line.

Input and Output Interfaces

The UAN100 DSL Echo Canceller uses standard digital interfaces to the analog front end and to the Ethernet appliance using the  Media Independent Interface(MII) and also supports standard IC memories.

"2Wire, Inc. selected Uniquify to be our implementation partner...Uniquify went the extra-mile for us when we needed them to implement an unanticipated ECO (as part of a full-chip implementation project) in time for a critically important shuttle date. Uniquify's dedicated Management Team committed the necessary resources to deliver on their original tapeout schedule. We look forward to working with Uniquify's talented team to implement our next design."
Scott de Hass, Sr Director of Engineering