We challenge conventional
Al models with our paradigm shifting
Neural Network 2.0.

It provides a significant reduction in Al edge computing real estate and power required. Our next generation neural network results in much faster processing and ubiquitous adoption of Neural Network technology. Uniquify's innovative technology will enable consumers to rapidly adopt AI technology.


Full power of core computation on edge devices

Uniquify is poised to take a dominant position in the emerging field of Al edge computing with its patented Neural Network 2.0 technology that can produce Al SoC's that are an order of magnitude smaller and cheaper than the conventional SoC's. Bethel Al SoC provides up to 20x smaller footprint and up to 10x lower power usage to address applications in TV, mobile phones, automobiles, and surveillance cameras.


Consumer Content 2.0

Full Immersion Into Consumer Content

Individually tailored consumer content through Uniquify's Al technology will provide an immersive and interactive viewer experience. The user will have total control over where, what, and how they see the consumer content. Enjoy the revolutionary next gen consumer content with friends, family, and others!

Neural Net 2.0 Applications

Full Immersion Into Consumer Content

Current smart devices including mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and automobiles can evolve into Al devices using the power of our efficient, next generation Neural Network 2.0 and Bethel AI SOC. Through the use of our technology and cloud connectivity, these new revolutionary Al devices will enrich the lives of consumers.




Home & Entertainment





E-Commerce by AI

Beyond product placement in consumer content

Bethel Al SoC and Consumer Content 2.0 presents an unique ecosystem for product companies to market and sell their products as well as interact with their end- customers to gain more insight into consumer preference and future direction for their products. Our consumer content Al technology will bring desired products to the finger tip of the consumers via Al enabled content. Bridge the gap between products and consumers!

AI Social Platform

Virtual community through consumer content 2.0

We are connecting the world together via the next generation Al enabled consumer content. Uniquify's Al Social Platform will be the gateway by which users can connect, share, and innovate in consumer content with the world!


AI Anytime, anywhere

Multiply Existing consumer content via the creativity and imagination from crowdsourcing. Our users can become a part of Uniquify's AI community by participating in the consumer content social platform. Get your ideas out into the world to share!


We help our clients market to the world and inspire minds of people


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