IP Innovations

High-Speed Adaptive DDR Interface

Only DDR system with patented adaptive technologies

High-Speed SerDes Techology

Uniquify's experienced and versatile team delivers a diverse range of SerDes standards

Video Display Technology

Currently in production with Tier-1 4k & 8k UHD TV Manufacturers since 2017

Edge AI Neural Net 2.0

New fabric for next generation Neural Network

High Speed Adaptive DDR Interface

Uniquify holds the largest patent portfolio in DDR interface with 24 US patents granted since 2006. Over 50 forward rejections of tier-1 company applications.

Uniquify’s patents allow us to create high performance DDR Interface systems while at the same time using less power, area, latency, and cost.

1 %+
Savings in power and area.
1 +
Companies engaged with in patent licensing models
65 nm
Wide range of foundries and process nodes from 65nm to 14nm.

High-Speed SerDes Technology

Uniquify’s experienced and versatile team delivers a diverse range of SerDes standards. We are capable of ultra high speed designs and strive for one-spin success


Uniquify’s Super Resolution Algorithm uses AI to scale an image by up to 2x (FHD->UHD , UHD->QUHD). Our technology provides high image quality while maintaining low implementation cost.

Uniquify’s ACC technology makes consistent luminance response curve for three primary colors (R,G,B) and white (normally 2.2 gamma curve). It also has  programmable gama LUTs for R, G, B compnonents, respectively.

Our DCC technology can remove motion blur caused by slow response time of the LCD.

Video Display Technology

Uniquify has been in production with Tier-1 4K and 8K UHD TV Manufacturers since 2017.  Uniquify provides a myriad of hardware assisted image enhance algorithms including:

Edge AI Neural Net 2.0

With Neural Net 2.0, Uniquify is creating a new fabric for the next generation of Neural Networks. Neural Net 2.0 is able to support CNN, RNN, FNN, GAN, AE, and Batch Norm.

1 x
Smaller Area
1 x
Cost Effective
1 x
Less Power
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