Introducing Uniquify’s all in one ASIC software platform. Seraphim is an in-house framework developed by Uniquify, that helps drive our ASIC designs and projects. Seraphim provides a high degree of automation and configurability that allows engineers to adapt their environment to meet project-specific technical and business objectives. Seraphim’s silicon proven design methodology helps achieve a faster tape-out in a more efficient and predictable manner. Essentially, Seraphim acts as a Data Monitor, Build Manager, Analysis Manager, and Monitoring Manager all integrated together.

Design Analysis & TRACE

Dissects and provides intelligible summaries from generated reports.

team management

Easily accessible status reports. Records when and what changes to the config the team has made.

pROCESS automation

Eliminates the need for many manual tasks. ASIC flows can be run at the touch of the fingertip.


Strengthens existing ASIC flows

Design Analysis & Trace

Seraphim’s analysis goes beyond just EDA tool outputs.  Seraphim can provide insight to a design that can help minimize the number of iterations needed to reach timing closure.  For example, Seraphim can read the Netlist, SDC and Library files to provide a level of understanding of the design that the EDA tools cannot.  The design can be explored through Seraphim’s Clock Network Trace, Hierarchical Trace, and even Module Connectivity Trace.  A multitude of other information is available to any Engineer for each design of the project.

One example of the type of analysis that Seraphim will provide is the Buffer & Inverter Efficiency Report. For critical paths, Seraphim will show the average distance per delay unit that each buffer or inverter is providing.

In Post-Route STA cell analysis , Seraphim can parse the lib files and analyze whether a cell is optimized well based on its capacitance and transition from the STA reports.

Process Automation

Seraphim utilizes years of Physical Design experience to create a proven flow of EDA tools towards a timely and successful tape-out.  Now any Engineer at any experience level can work as efficiently as the Senior Engineers managing Seraphim.  Seraphim can generate scripts for all stages in the SoC Physical Design process: Synthesis, PNR, Extraction, LEC, STA, DRC, LVS, Physical Verification, Power Analysis, and Low Power Verification.

Flow Enhancement

Seraphim does not just provide post-EDA tool support, but can also be used to enhance initial design startup.  Seraphim has a known set of initial design strategies proven to give an Engineer the best understanding of a design’s limits.  Seraphim can also be used to review and clean-up design files such as Library, SDC or even the Netlist.  Any problems that can be identified early on can prevent issues that delay the project later.

Team Management & Tracking

Project management made easier with Seraphim.  Now every design strategy chosen by an Engineer is documented and can easily be monitored.  Both an individual Engineer progress as well as the entire Team development throughout a project.  All SoC environments are unified and organized allowing Quality of Results to be assessed quickly.  From Place and Route to Static Timing Analysis or Physical Verification, all stages can be monitored in a single location.

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